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Three Houston organizations have teamed up to honor the most innovative women in Houston. Houston Community College and the city of Houston's Office of Business Opportunity announced that they will sponsor the inaugural InnovateHer Competition through the U.S. Small Business Administration. The competition is open to any woman, ages 18 and up, who has developed an idea, product or service that has the potential to bring about change. Contestants mush summit a full business plan for their entry…
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What you need to know about marketing with yard signs


Today, yard signs still remain a very important part of advertising right along with digital advertising. This is because yard signs provide many excellent benefits for the business owner. Here are just a few custom yard sign benefits:

  • Top lead generating leads for ads
  • Provides simple and cheap advertising
  • Increases public awareness of your business locally
  • Attracts people to your products and services
  • Displays your own creative logo
  • Effective marketing tool
  • Design your own sign and advertise your own message
  • Makes a nice business investment
  • Increases sales for your business

You can order custom yard signs online and they can easily be delivered right to your front door. When you place your order you can design your own sign with your own message and it will be created for you. Thus will save yBusiness 022ou both time and money. The benefits of custom yard signs are endless. Every yard sign you order will come with a complete guarantee.

Another great benefit a yard sign can provide is that you can choose these signs in many durable materials that will provide you with long lasting use. These signs come available in plastic, metal, or vinyl. They are also available in small, medium and large sizes. You can choose to have your yard sign in any shape round, square, rectangle, triangle and more.

The print on the sign can be any size and you can make your sign any color like vibrant and brightcolors that catch the attention of those passing by. Stakes and holders make it easy for you to display your sign. It can remain out6side in your yard during all climate conditions because of the durable material it is made from and the strong holders that keep it place. Yard signs can withstand heat, cold, wind, rain and storms and snow.

These signs can be used to direct traffic or promote almost any event. Some orders for these custom made signs may qualify for free shipping or reduced shipping rates. Choose from aluminum signs and brass sign too. Yard signs point in the right direction to your business or event. They are still the best advertising method and still remain at nice low prices. You can choose to pay for your yard sign order from a variety of easy payment options like credit or debit cards.

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Business travel for the modern compnay

Avoid Common Air Travel Problems With Private Air

Flying is perhaps the best way to travel over long distances. It’s certainly the fastest way, allowing you to travel across the entire country in a matter of a few hours. Not only that, but it’s the safest way to travel, as well. Airplane technology has evolved to the point where you’re actually more safe flying through the air in a metal container than you are using any ground vehicle.

Air Travel 008That doesn’t mean air travel is without its flaws, of course. There’s the classic problem of majorĀ airlines trying to fit as many passengers as possible onto their planes, making travel a bit uncomfortable. There’s also the problem of dealing with airports, which are not only packed with people but generally do business a bit slowly. It can be rather annoying when you’re running late and just trying to get to your flight, but you still have to deal with a long line at the ticket counter.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to these problems. That solution is charting a private jet. Flying by private air manages to bypass any and all the problems of trying to deal with major airlines. The air ports that Houston private jets use to fly in and out tend to be smaller, so there’s less of a problem with crowds. The airplanes do tend to be smaller, but they’re also more spacious. This allows you to travel in comfort.

Traveling by private air is often considered a frivolous luxury, but that is not the case. Private air manages to avoid any problems with having to take connecting flights through major airports just because they’re major airports. This cuts down on travel time. When you add that into how much time is cut down actually getting onto the plane, it becomes obvious that private air is the most comfortable, quickest way to travel.

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